The Wedding Dress Fantasy Difference

Luxurious High Quality Fabrics

It all starts with high quality true Bridal fabrics that have high thread counts. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the fabric is. Depending on the style, we use one or a combination of Satin, Taffeta, Organza, Chiffon, Tulle, Lace, Georgette, Mikado as well as many others. Most fabrics are available in every color. Fabric choice is extremely important when constructing a Wedding Gown as the gown will not fit properly on the body when using low quality fabric. There is a world of a difference between a cheap Satin fabric and a high quality Satin fabric. The fabrics we source are hand selected from the finest fabric mills. These fabric companies supply Bridal fabrics to the Luxury Bridal Designers.

Perfecting the Pattern

The next step is the construction of the Wedding Gown.  There’s a right and wrong way to construct Wedding Gowns. At, constructing Couture Wedding Gowns is the only thing we do. Every gown starts with creating the proper pattern for the size and/or measurements to fit the silhouette of the gown. Since every woman is shaped differently, a size 2 pattern must be designed differently than a size 16 pattern. This means that all of the darts and curves must be in the right places for that specific size and silhouette. Once the pattern is created, the exterior Bridal fabric will be cut according to the pattern designed for it.

Soft and Durable Interlining

After that, we properly Interface the bodice exterior. We use a very specific type of Interlining that is soft but durable and provides fantastic support and texture to the exterior/base fabric.

Create Interface Pattern

The Interface is sewn on the inside of the exterior fabric, following the same pattern.

Bust Cup Support and Contouring

To create an optimal bust shape, we then insert bust support contouring.

High Quality Soft Lining

Once the exterior is completed, we then move onto the lining of the gown. For the bodice, we only create the bodice lining in the same fabric as the exterior gown fabric. For example, if the gown is based in Satin, the bodice lining will also be made in Satin. We do not use regular lining fabric on the bodice as this is not the proper way to line a Couture Wedding Gown bodice. Lining fabric is only used for the bottom portion of the gown.

Strategically Aligned Boning Channels

Once the lining is sewn, boning channels are aligned along the seams, front and back of the bodice to provide additional support.  The amount of boning channels will depend on the size and style of the gown. For some styles (such as soft Chiffon and Charmuese gowns) we do not use boning channels.

High Quality Crystals

After the exterior/base of the gown and the fully boned lining is created separately, we then move onto the design features of the gown. All of the design elements are also made with the finest quality and care. Our beading is made with high quality beads that are hand sewn, never glued.

Luxury Lace and Lace Trims

We use mostly French Lace, which is very fine and sourced from luxury Lace suppliers.  Once all of the design elements are incorporated into the gown, the gown finally gets sewn together.

Sewn in Crinoline Tulle

For most full gowns, we insert 1-2 layers of crinoline tulle into the skirt for volume. A wrist loop is typically added to most gowns so that the bride can hold up the train.